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Afterthought Matexpo 2015

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Written by Fee Kooij
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Innovation award

Rail Safety Systems - 2nd place - Matexpo Innovation Award

With our new product Rail Safety System, RSS system in short, we were 2nd in the Matexpo Innovation Award.
This system means a serious time saving for railway workers without compromising their safety. The system snaps into place with magnets, making it very easy and fast to move.

The patented pipes and fittings can achieve any desired configuration with minimal effort.

Sale at the fair

When meetings prior to Matexpo, we were always discussing the same machines, it was no surprise that we brought the Maeda MK1033, SmartLift 608 Outdoor and the Niftylift HR17 Hybrid with us.
These machines are ideal to exhibit on an inside fair, because of their compact dimensions they fit almost everywhere.

Soon the HR17 found a new owner, we wish Huurland every success with their new addition!

Successful contest

Because everybody likes to play with a remote control, we brought a mini fork lift truck trail. Every day there was one winner: the fastest. The fastest of the week was the winner of the fair.

Day winners received a bottle of cava and the winner of the fair will receive a bottle of cava and a ride on thecircuit in our race car.

Thank you to all participants and congratulations to all the winners.

GT evening

On Friday, September 4th, we organized a gin and tonic evening during the nocturne.
We served Hendricks, Bulldog and Filliers Dry Gin 28 with matching botanicals. The appetizers were adapted to the gin and tonics.

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